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Why outdoor signage is such an important tool

Outdoor advertising Edmonton,sign companies Edmonton,Construction signage EdmontonYour outdoor signage is the most important part of your advertising, as it is the first impression the public will get. Make that first impression a great one with outdoor advertising Edmonton that highlights your business presence and your brand identity. Unlike radio or TV ads, with outdoor advertising the passer-by cannot just change the channel or station, your ad is always there. Whether you are looking to target morning commuters or pedestrian traffic, or shoppers, when people are on the move they are typically more aware of their surroundings and pay attention to advertising in their field of vision. Outdoor advertising Edmonton,sign companies Edmonton,Construction signage EdmontonRecent statistics have shown that two-thirds of the average commuter will make their business or purchasing decisions away from home. Over 50% will make their decisions most frequently when not at home. These stats are vital as they show how important outdoor advertising Edmonton can be for your business and potential sales. Increase exposure to your message with a variety of large-format and unique printing options. Thanks to our technology, no one else can provide more outdoor advertising products than PosterTech. For more information about outdoor advertising and signage, get in touch with one of the top sign companies Edmonton and contact PosterTech today!