Dr. Anne Anderson School: Blending Signage and Indigenous Spirit

Grand entrance sign, 6′ x 10′ multilayered acrylic sign with brushed aluminum panel and 3D letters, mounted to concrete wall on stainless steel stand-offs.

Another exciting addition to the EPSB roster

Dr. Anne Anderson School is another inspiring addition to the Edmonton Public Schools roster and we are so excited to have participated by providing some great school signs. Located at 11810 35 Avenue SW, in the Heritage Valley neighbourhood of Edmonton, this high school will be one of the largest in the city. Being a brand new school, the administration took the opportunity to use signage to bring some history to the environment as well as use signage as a tool to inspire and motivate students, staff and their families.

Dr. Anne Anderson; a writer and educator

The “Grand Lady of the Métis:” Dr. Anne Anderson’s mission was to preserve the Cree language. Doctor Anne wrote nearly 100 publications. The jewel in her literary crown was her dictionary. In 1975, she translated a 38,000-word English dictionary into Cree, creating Dr. Anne Anderson’s Metis Cree Dictionary, one of the most comprehensive catalogues of the language ever assembled”.

Inspiring Students

Dr. Anne Anderson School puts a large emphasis on honoring Indigenous culture, collaboration, equity, and integrity. These are some values that we have in common when it comes to @PosterTech’s projects.

Take a peek below at some of the school signage that is proudly displayed.

Spectacular display dedicated to Indigenous Teachings and Culture consists of 15 stand-off acrylic panels, 2′ x 6′, with images printed on second surface with 3D letters on first surface.

Displayed in the Cafeteria a 5 ft. diameter metal skillet sign with raised wooden letters and a neon sign assembled on acrylic raceway with acrylic raised letters.

School signs are a favourite project of the @PosterTech team to collaborate on.