FYI Doctors

Marketing from coast-to-coast

How PosterTech helped create brand continuity for a franchise where every store is a little different

FYI Doctors is an eyeglass store and optometrists office rolled into one retail experience. The founding group of eye doctors came together with the intention of launching a business that offered the expertise of trusted optometrists and the allure of major high-end eyewear brands. You know you’re getting the glasses you need, and you feel like you’re getting the glasses you really want. No compromises.

PosterTech was asked to provide all indoor and outdoor signage for the budding franchise – for every store across Canada – even those in a city where we don’t have an office or warehouse.

Continuity: Creating a valuable brand

The mixed office and retail space that each FYI Doctors franchise requires to operate presents a unique challenge to the PosterTech team: How can you maintain a consistent brand experience when the layout of each store can vary so much?

Creating the same look & feel across Canada

It came down to a single strategy applied to each location. Every franchise receives several pieces of signage that are considered ‘standard’, followed by an on-site consultation with the PosterTech team to determine what additional pieces of signage are required.

PosterTech delivers (everywhere)

To ensure we’re able to meet the ever-expanding demands of the FYI Doctors franchise – helping them set up shop in new communities across Canada whenever they need – we enlist the help of local contractors to complete some of the final construction and installation.

However, as the successful completion of each project is the responsibility of PosterTech, we know that when hiring a contractor it’s up to us to ensure the project is done to the standards our clients have come to expect. Even when it’s not our team on the ground, it has to look like a PostertTech finished project.

Guaranteed PosterTech quality for every piece installed

New stores to come

Creating a system for efficiently setting up each new franchise location so that it’s not only done in time for the launch of the store, but also that each new location looks as good as the last is an evolving challenge presented to our team. But what it’s left us with is an effective strategy for meeting every required element of a project for clients all across the country no matter what the details. And that puts FYI Doctors and PosterTech in a good position to continue excelling, as new franchise locations are constantly in demand.