Lamb Developments

Building a name in Alberta

Developing interest with the right signage for Edmonton and Calgary’s newest high-rise condos

Alberta’s housing market rocketed into the stratosphere over the last decade and Lamb Development Corp. –led by Brad Lamb, the Condo King–saw its opportunity to bring a unique style of condominiums to Edmonton and Calgary. It was Lamb’s first step into a new region and he recognized that to gain a strong foothold in a competitive market he needed his business name to become well known before the units started to sell.

The challenge for PosterTech was: build and install hoarding (signage and coverings around the construction site) for the construction phase of two new towers in Edmonton and Calgary – almost simultaneously.

Start Selling Earlier

Hoarding that surrounds the base of a building construction site serves two purposes. It’s designed to mask the activities and equipment of the construction crews esthetically. It can also advertise a housing or office product that isn’t yet finished. The hoarding in effect becomes a long standing advertising medium. When handled right, the hoarding advertising is especially effective because it is on the very site where the product will be sold.

The Lamb Development signage measured approximately 120 feet long by 12 feet high. It needed to grab the attention of the passers-by and it needed to stand up to the sometimes harsh and unpredictable weather in Alberta. PosterTech brought in a structural engineer to assure the structural integrity and durability of future signage.

Faster Turnaround

We had to work on the signage installation while the construction crews were also hard at work with their own tasks—and that meant we need experienced hands that understand how to work seamlessly with a construction team.

In our line of work, unforeseen circumstances happen often–in this case it was due to the rigors of building construction. Our project management team and our installation crews on the ground had the flexibility and know-how to deliver on our original promise: a flawless finished product ready for the opening day.

Let The Building Begin

When Lamb Development Corp. made their first foray into Alberta, they needed to partner with a full service printing and signage supplier they could trust. That’s how we quickly became the Condo King’s go-to signage and banner provider for their Alberta-based projects: The Orchard Condos in Calgary and Jasper House in Edmonton.

Full-service hoarding provider & installer across Alberta

Our scope of work was later extended to include production and installation of interior signage for both Sales Centres in Calgary and Edmonton. These sales centres are custom-built and contain made-to-scale replicas of the interiors of the condo suites. They’re unlike most other sales centres in many respects – and the signage needed to work harmoniously with Lamb’s facilities. Despite demaqnding timelines and last minute changes-orders PosterTech completed both projects with flying colours by opening day.

Our next Lamb Development project is already underway as they have recently purchased more land in Edmonton.  We are already planning both exterior and interior signage to the exacting requirements of our client.

Lamb Developments Outdoor Signage