TELUS World of Science Edmonton

Exhibiting a larger-than-life brand

With Body Worlds in town, bigger-than-ever building wraps told the public one thing: “This is like nothing you’ve seen before.”

The TELUS World of Science Edmonton is an organization that has consistently delivered on the promise of inspiring people of all ages with programming and exhibits that break new ground and ignite curiosity.

For more than a decade, the PosterTech team has provided the TELUS World of Science (TWoS) with printed materials and signage – inside and outside their distinctive building. The signage enables TWoS to operate their standing exhibits and to introduce featured new programs.

The dilemma was this: How do you create interest in your audience, really get them to stop and pay attention, when they already expect the unexpected from you?

“What if we covered the whole building with a banner?”

Body Worlds & The Cycle of Life exhibit was making its Canadian debut in Edmonton. TELUS World of Science Edmonton was honoured to be chosen to display it and saw an opportunity to market the program in a unique way.

PosterTech was called in for a consultation. Out of that consultation came the insight to make signage for the exhibit larger than life. The building was going to have its own debut by utilizing building wraps.   Building wraps are made possible by PosterTech’s own unique range of Grand Format printing presses.

PosterTech is equipped with specialized printing equipment that enables us to deliver on a grand scale. Our 16-foot Grand Format printer can produce eye popping graphics that turned the TELUS World of Science Edmonton building into a virtual billboard for the Body Worlds show. With the daily traffic that passes by on 111th Ave and 142nd Street the building wraps would do their part to attract visitors to the exhibit.

Wrapping the building safely

One of the major client concerns in the implementation of grand-scale banners on the façade of a building is ensuring no damage is done to the building envelope itself. The PosterTech team designed a fastening system that could be reused safely with future new banners—and without compromising the integrity of the building.

This PosterTech foresight turned out to be a great asset as The TELUS World of Science Edmonton team decided new building wraps were to become a key element of their communication strategy.

Building wraps designed for easy installation

Big Stories need a Big Message Board

Body Works was a very big deal in Edmonton and thanks to the team at TELUS World of Science Edmonton many exhibit goers got the chance for a very unique experience. TWoS got the chance to reach a broader audience with this exhibit and PosterTech was honoured to be part of the highly effective communication to a very large audience.

The stunning visuals produced by PosterTech’s printing presses turned a building into a billboard and an exhibit into a once in a lifetime experience.