We recently had the privilege of working on a remarkable project at Dr. Anne Anderson High School. Our team installed a magnificent mural/sign that not only adds vibrancy to the school but also showcases the incredible potential of modern printing and fabrication techniques. In this post, we break down the details of the project and highlight the innovative printing techniques we used.

Enhancing the Space

The focal point of our work was a captivating wall mural/sign measuring an impressive 36 feet wide and 11 feet tall. This mural/sign was digitally printed in full color on aluminum composite panels (ACP) and expertly installed directly onto the drywall. The use of ACP ensures durability and longevity, making the piece a lasting addition to the school’s environment.

Stunning School Logo

To emphasize the school’s identity, we incorporated a stylized representation of the letter “A,” which serves as the logo for Dr. Anne Anderson High School. This logo was digitally cut from white Celtec and carefully installed on the surface of the ACP. Anyone entering the room will be drawn in by the stark contrast of the white against the sign’s vibrant background.

Bringing Depth with 3D Letters

To further enhance the mural/sign, we integrated 3D letters along the top, adding a captivating visual element. These letters were digitally cut from clear acrylic and meticulously installed on the surface of the ACP. Because acrylic is translucent, light can interact with the letters to give them depth and substance. The outcome is a visually appealing composition that gives the installation an additional level of interest.

  • Background Wall Mural, 432″ x 136″, digitally printed in full colour on 3 mm ACP (aluminium composite panel), UV protective coat applied, produced in 9 @ 4′ x 10′ panels. Install directly to drywall

    Anne Anderson High School Mural / Sign
  • Stylized “A” representing school logo, 96″ x 96″, digitally cut from 1/2″ white Celtec. Installation to the surface of ACP

    3-D Letters along the top, 160″ x 24″, digitally cut from 3/8″ clear Acrylic


Building Strong Relationships

At PosterTech Group, we believe in fostering strong partnerships. We were honored to have the opportunity to collaborate with Dr. Anne Anderson High School once again, this time on their mural/sign project. As the ability to contribute to the learning environment of students is truly rewarding for our team. Projects like this at Dr. Anne Anderson High School enable us to connect with the younger generation and ignite their imagination. Creative signage projects encourage creativity, instill a sense of pride, and create a positive atmosphere for learning. We firmly believe that inspiring school environments positively impact student motivation and success.

If you have a school sign project in mind that can benefit from our expertise, please do not hesitate to reach out for a no-obligation quote. Our team is ready to bring your vision to life and create a unique signage solution that enhances your educational institution.

Ross Sheppard High School has always been a hub of creativity and innovation, nurturing young minds and providing them with a conducive learning environment. In our ongoing partnership, PosterTech had the privilege to work on an exciting project, enhancing the school’s atmosphere with captivating murals, a stunning media wall backdrop, and eye-catching 3D fabricated text. Through this collaboration, we aimed to inspire students, foster school spirit, and create an aesthetically pleasing space for all who enter.

Unleashing Creativity with Murals

Art has the power to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones, and that is exactly what we set out to achieve with our mural installations at Ross Sheppard High School. Working closely with the school administration, we brought to life breathtaking murals that showcase the school’s values, history, and diverse student body. From vibrant abstract designs to inspiring imagery, each mural tells a unique story, fostering a sense of pride and identity within the school community.

  • Right Wall Mural, 153″ x 112″, digitally printed in full colour on 3 mm Aluminum Composite Panels, UV clear protective coat applied

    High School Mural
  • Left Wall Mural, 173.25″ x 112″, digitally printed full colour on 3 mm Aluminum Composite Panels, UV clear protective coat applied


Capturing Memories with the Media Wall Backdrop

To further elevate the student experience, we created a media wall backdrop, perfect for capturing memorable moments during school events and celebrations. This interactive installation serves as a photo booth-style backdrop, offering a visually appealing setting for students to capture timeless snapshots of their high school journey. The media wall not only adds a touch of fun but also reinforces the school’s commitment to providing a well-rounded experience for its students.

Mural Medial Wall Backdrop

Media Wall, 71″ x 80.75″, digitally printed full colour on 3 mm Aluminum Composite Panels, UV clear protective coat applied

Making a Statement with 3D Text

At PosterTech we believe that words have the power to inspire, motivate, and transform spaces. To amplify the impact of the murals and media wall, we incorporated 3D printed text onto the walls of Ross Sheppard High School. The visual appeal is wonderful!


mural 3d text high school signage

3-D text, digitally cut from 1/2″ white Celtec and attached to the surface of Murals

Being invited back to work with Ross Sheppard High School was an immense honor for PosterTech. It is a testament to the successful collaboration and exceptional results we achieved during previous projects. We are grateful for the trust and confidence placed in our team once again. The opportunity to contribute to the school’s ongoing efforts to create an inspiring environment for students is a privilege we appreciate.

PosterTech takes pride in the opportunity to collaborate with such a prestigious institution, and we look forward to witnessing the positive impact of our work on the students’ educational journey for years to come.

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Signs in school are important to communicating proper messages, branding and school building spirit. However, there may come a time when it becomes necessary to consider replacing this signage. There are a variety of reasons why this may be the case including damage or wear and tear, regulatory changes, and a lack of effectiveness. Whatever the reason, it is important to carefully evaluate the need for new signage before making a decision. Here are five key reasons why you might need to replace your old school signage.

1. The old signage is outdated:

If the old signage no longer reflects the brand image or message that you want to convey, it may be time to update it. This is especially important if the old signage is no longer in line with your current business goals or marketing strategy.


Thelma Chalifoux School 3d lettering signage
2. Improved Visibility and Safety:

Old school signage can become faded or difficult to read over time, leading to decreased visibility for potential customers. Upgrading to new signage can increase the clarity and readability, making it easier for people to find understand your message. This is not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for safety reasons. Damaged signage can be difficult to read or interpret, which can lead to confusion or accidents.


3. It doesn’t work like it used to

If the old signage is not attracting the desired attention or is not effectively communicating your message, it may be time to consider replacing it. This is especially important if you have noticed a decline in business or foot traffic that may be attributed to the ineffectiveness of your signage.

Thelma Chalifoux School wall Signs

4. School Pride

Newer signage options often offer more customization options, allowing you to tailor your vision and messaging to fit the specific needs needs of your school’s admin, clubs or teams. Outdated signage can make your school look outdated as well. Upgrading to new signage can help to modernize your school and give staff students and parents a more positive impression.

Thelma Chalifoux School 3d wall Sign

5. Cost-Efficiency

While replacing old signage may seem like a large upfront cost, it can actually be cost-effective in the long run. Older signage may require more maintenance and repairs, while new signage is likely to last longer and require less maintenance. Technology has come a long way in the past years. There are now more advanced and cost-efficient sign options available, such as LED and digital signage, which can be more better for your school’s budget in the long run..

Ultimately, the decision to replace old school signage should be based on a combination of factors, including the technology available, the current state and effectiveness of the signage, and any local regulations or compliance issues.


In the times of COVID-19 pandemic, we’re still ROLLIN’ and are here to help.

Health and safety is priority at PosterTech and we know it’s a priority for other business and services. We are remaining open to continue to help produce and supply important visual tools such as health and safety practice signage, Plexi Sneeze Guards, Social Distancing Floor Decals, etc. so they can provide important messaging and communication to our clients – even from a distance.

We’re also working closely with the print and signage community in Eastern Canada who had to put their equipment on hold due to government lock downs. Producing on our end so they can continue to provide product for their clients at their end.

You can feel confident knowing we are taking the appropriate precautionary actions to ensure that our employees and customers are kept safe during this time:

  • Disinfecting and sanitizing all high contact areas on a regular bases, including work stations, production areas and equipment, shipping and receiving areas and staff rooms.
  • Providing employees with protective masks, gloves and disinfectant/hand sanitizer to keep them safe inside our facility
  • Limiting access and contact in our shipping and receiving

Continue to serve AND protect with a custom Plexi Sneeze Guard
This is becoming our new normal for the foreseeable future, so be prepared. If you have a reception desk, cashier stations or customer service counters, these guards will offer clear protection to your staff and clients without affecting interaction.
Our custom Plexi Sneeze Guards can be designed to fit a specific space or surface. Whether you need a freestanding, removable or permanent fixture, we can create guards in the size you need based on your specific use and application. The guards can also be branded with your LOGO or a friendly greeting or message.

We also produce social distancing floor decals, custom tape, decals, signage and banners to help you inform or direct your clients.

Everything is printed in our 30,000 sq ft facility in Edmonton, providing you with a quick turnaround time.

PosterTech is one of Alberta’s foremost full-service signage and printing companies in Edmonton, specializing in large and oversized print jobs. We are equipped with an unsurpassed roster of printing presses for all signage and marketing needs.

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Billboards & Outdoor Advertising

Here at PosterTech we have a large variety of large-format and unique printing options for all of your Outdoor Advertising needs. With our Agfa 5024 196”-wide Roll-to-roll Solvent Printer we can provide more advertising products and options than anyone is in Edmonton.

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Banners & Building Wraps

Billboard not quite big enough for you? How about wrapping your entire building! That will be definitely catch everyone’s eye. With PosterTech’s grand format printing equipment you’ll be able to stand out more than all of your competitors.

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Windows & Floor Graphics

Your signage and window graphics are the first thing a passerby is going to see, so it makes sense that you’d want the best signage or window graphics money can buy. Our digital presses can produce beautiful and colourful window and floor graphics that will reach your target audience. Our floor graphics are also completely safe with our non-slip film and lamination, you won’t need to worry about the safety of your customers.

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Telus World of Science Edmonton keeps growing!

PosterTech is proud to continue to produce and install their exterior and interior signage.

Exterior Banners

Pylon Sign, 15′ x 9′ Flex Face

Interior way-finding signage

Interior way-finding sign


Retractable displays for the Canadian Jewish Experience traveling exhibition.

Just installed giant, 16′ x 32′, building banners at Telus World of Science for an exciting new exhibition
“The Science Behind Pixar”

Heritage Day Banner

Morning in Jerusalem

Heritage Day Banner

Western Wall in Jerusalem

Heritage Day Banner

World famous Tel Aviv beach

Heritage Day Banner

Tel Aviv at dusk

Congratulations to the Jewish Federation of Edmonton on another successful

Israeli Pavilion at the Heritage Days Festival and winning Second Place Award for Cultural Display.

PosterTech is proud to produce your graphic displays, banners and signage.