Unleashing Drama Season with Broadway Style Signage

We’re excited to share a recent project we worked on for our pals over at Ross Sheppard High School in Edmonton, Alberta.

We had a blast crafting some Broadway Style Signage for the Entrance to the new dedicated Theatre Space for Performing Arts Program Season  that’s bound to make any passerby do a double-take.

Picture this: lively wall graphics bursting with color and images from student-led productions over the years complete with production Playbills posted on the walls. It’s like a visual journey through their creativity and talent, aiming to inspire everyone wandering those halls. Working with schools like Ross Sheppard is a joy, seeing firsthand how design can spark imagination.

Ross Sheppard High School has always been a hub of creativity and innovation, nurturing young minds and providing them with a conducive learning environment. In our ongoing partnership, PosterTech had the privilege to work on many exciting projects, enhancing the school’s atmosphere with captivating murals, a stunning media wall backdrop, and eye-catching 3D fabricated text.

Got a creative idea brewing for your own space? We’d love to bring it to life! Reach out and let’s brainstorm together.