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How your outdoor signage can impact your sales

Recent studies have shown that it takes less than 3 seconds for your outdoor signage to draw a customer into your store. So now you need to think to yourself, is my outdoor signage doing its job? Outdoor signage like posters and window graphics are great for promoting products and services, but they are also give you the ability to make a great first impression to the people waking by your storefront.

In this article we are going to break down some of the best practices so that your Outdoor advertising Edmonton can be as effective as possible.

Don’t get stale
If you’ve had a graphic or poster up for too long it can be come stale and the customer will eventually ignore it. The spring time is the best time to update your signage as people are starting to leave their winter shelter’s to spend more time outdoors. So contact your local Poster Printing Edmonton to discuss updating your signage.

Size Matters
No matter where your business is located, your outdoor signage needs to be eye catching from anywhere. Make sure your Window graphics Edmonton are large and in charge, and can be seen from the street and any surrounding parking lots. A large bright design usually works the best.

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes
Take a step back and put yourself in your customers shoes, and take a walk around your store. Then go outside and take a look at the exterior of your business up close, and from afar. Pay attention to what catches your attention and what you see specifically. This will give you a better idea of where to place your Outdoor advertising Edmonton from the street and the parking lot.

Advertise Outside and Inside
As important as your outdoor signage is to bringing customers in, the indoor signage is just as important, as you want them to stay in. Make sure your signage and branding all match and are consistent, so make sure the design of the ads inside match your outdoor signs, and are clear and precise, so the customer is easily able to find what they’re looking for. So when Poster Printing Edmonton make sure your printer knows to keep it consistent.

There are many tools and tricks to how your signage can impact your sales. For more information about poster printing Edmonton and Outdoor advertising Edmonton, contact PosterTech today!