The Seven Sacred Teachings | Thelma Chalifoux School | Edmonton

The Seven Sacred Teachings

Thelma Chalifoux School puts a large emphasis on the values of accountability, collaboration, equity, and integrity. These are some values that we have in common when it comes to PosterTech’s projects. The production of Thelma’s Chalifoux’s school signs was no exception. From the beautiful Logo and School name signage in the administration office, all the way to the special signage and trophy display cases.

Take a peek below at some of the school signage that is proudly displayed.

Thelma Chalifox’s Portrait printed directly om 3mm Brushed Aluminum Composite panel and installed on aluminum stand-offs.

The inspirational colourful, 7 foot tall multi-layered Acrylic sign ‘The Seven Sacred Teachings’, installed on aluminum stand-offs.

Custom display cases are a beautiful way to give recognition to students, teams and staff on their hard work and accomplishments throughout the years. These ones were created with a combination of thick 2 inch maple frame and plexiglass fronts with stainless steel standoff hardware.

School signs are a favourite project of the PosterTech team to collaborate on. Think back to your time at school. Were you inspired by something in your surroundings?