Inspiring Youth Through Innovative Printing Techniques at Dr. Anne Anderson High School

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Anne Anderson High School Mural / Sign

We recently had the privilege of working on a remarkable project at Dr. Anne Anderson High School. Our team installed a magnificent mural/sign that not only adds vibrancy to the school but also showcases the incredible potential of modern printing and fabrication techniques. In this post, we break down the details of the project and highlight the innovative printing techniques we used.

Enhancing the Space

The focal point of our work was a captivating wall mural/sign measuring an impressive 36 feet wide and 11 feet tall. This mural/sign was digitally printed in full color on aluminum composite panels (ACP) and expertly installed directly onto the drywall. The use of ACP ensures durability and longevity, making the piece a lasting addition to the school’s environment.

Stunning School Logo

To emphasize the school’s identity, we incorporated a stylized representation of the letter “A,” which serves as the logo for Dr. Anne Anderson High School. This logo was digitally cut from white Celtec and carefully installed on the surface of the ACP. Anyone entering the room will be drawn in by the stark contrast of the white against the sign’s vibrant background.

Bringing Depth with 3D Letters

To further enhance the mural/sign, we integrated 3D letters along the top, adding a captivating visual element. These letters were digitally cut from clear acrylic and meticulously installed on the surface of the ACP. Because acrylic is translucent, light can interact with the letters to give them depth and substance. The outcome is a visually appealing composition that gives the installation an additional level of interest.

  • Background Wall Mural, 432″ x 136″, digitally printed in full colour on 3 mm ACP (aluminium composite panel), UV protective coat applied, produced in 9 @ 4′ x 10′ panels. Install directly to drywall

    Anne Anderson High School Mural / Sign
  • Stylized “A” representing school logo, 96″ x 96″, digitally cut from 1/2″ white Celtec. Installation to the surface of ACP

    3-D Letters along the top, 160″ x 24″, digitally cut from 3/8″ clear Acrylic


Building Strong Relationships

At PosterTech Group, we believe in fostering strong partnerships. We were honored to have the opportunity to collaborate with Dr. Anne Anderson High School once again, this time on their mural/sign project. As the ability to contribute to the learning environment of students is truly rewarding for our team. Projects like this at Dr. Anne Anderson High School enable us to connect with the younger generation and ignite their imagination. Creative signage projects encourage creativity, instill a sense of pride, and create a positive atmosphere for learning. We firmly believe that inspiring school environments positively impact student motivation and success.

If you have a school sign project in mind that can benefit from our expertise, please do not hesitate to reach out for a no-obligation quote. Our team is ready to bring your vision to life and create a unique signage solution that enhances your educational institution.