The Power of Effective School Signage

In today’s digital world, where marketing efforts often focus on online platforms, the enduring importance of school signage cannot be overstated. Both outdoor and indoor signs play a crucial role in establishing a school’s brand presence and fostering motivation among staff and students.

Project #1: Thelma Chalifoux Inspirational Signage

Thelma Chalifoux School 3d wall Sign

The Thelma Chalifoux project stands as a beacon of inspiration within the school community. Its carefully crafted design elements and uplifting messages serve as reminders of the values upheld by the institution, fostering a positive atmosphere conducive to learning and growth.

Project #2: Ross Sheppard High School Drama Department

At Ross Sheppard High School, the signage project for the drama department takes center stage. By integrating theatrical elements into the signage, such as dramatic fonts and stage-like structures, the school has succeeded in captivating the attention of both students and staff, leading to increased engagement and participation in drama-related activities.

Project #3: Dr. Anne Anderson Innovative Wall Murals

Anne Anderson High School Mural / Sign

Dr. Anne Anderson’s innovative wall murals have transformed the school environment, turning mundane walls into vibrant canvases of creativity. Through the use of cutting-edge techniques and materials, these murals not only beautify the space but also inspire students to think outside the box and embrace their artistic talents.

Project #4: Youngstown Elementary School – Multiplying Fun!

Youngstown Elementary School’s signage project embodies the spirit of fun and learning. With playful designs and interactive elements centered around educational themes, such as math and science, the signage not only serves as a tool for communication but also as a catalyst for sparking curiosity and creativity in young minds.

Project #5: McNally High School Edmonton – Acrylic Beauty

The acrylic signage project at McNally High School is a testament to both beauty and durability. Its sleek and modern design not only enhances the school’s aesthetic appeal but also withstands the test of time, contributing to the school’s identity and fostering a sense of pride among students and staff.

In the end, these five school signage projects exemplify the transformative power of effective signage in educational settings and PosterTech was proud to be involved in all of them. By prioritizing creativity, innovation, and functionality, these projects have not only enhanced the visual landscape of their respective schools but have also contributed to a positive and inspiring learning environment for all.


If you have a school signage project you would like to get started contact us and we can start a discussion.

Wayfinding signage: the unsung hero of our daily lives. Imagine a world without it, and you might find yourself lost in the labyrinth of a mall, disoriented in a hospital, or baffled on the highways. In this article, we’ll explore the intricate world of wayfinding signage, the silent guide that keeps us on track and inform you so that you know what type of wayfinding signage you may need for your business.. But, before we delve into the types of wayfinding signage, let’s understand why it’s a vital part of our existence.

The Ubiquity of Wayfinding Signage

Wayfinding signage is omnipresent, weaving itself into the very fabric of our environment. You encounter it at airports, hospitals, shopping malls, universities, office complexes, and even on the road. It’s that familiar friend who points you in the right direction when you’re lost in a sea of options.

The Importance of Wayfinding Signage

So, what makes wayfinding signage so indispensable? Here are three key aspects:

Clear Direction: It provides clear directions and information, saving you from frustration and confusion.

Safety: Wayfinding signage plays a crucial role in enhancing safety, especially in places like hospitals, where timely navigation can be a matter of life and death.

Efficiency: In large spaces like airports, it ensures the efficient flow of people and minimizes the chances of chaos.

Arttec Signs is your go-to destination for creative custom signage solutions. With their expertise in the field, they can help you design and install wayfinding signage that not only guides but also complements your brand identity.

Types of Wayfinding Signage that make our world navigable.

Directional Signage


Pedestrian Signage: These signs help pedestrians find their way on foot, whether it’s in a bustling city or a serene park.

Vehicle Signage: These guide drivers, ensuring a smooth flow of traffic on roads and in parking areas.

Informational Signage

Maps and Floor Plans: In malls, airports, and complex buildings, these maps serve as a visual guide.

Building Directories: Office buildings and hospitals often have directories to help visitors locate their destinations.

wayfinding signage

Identification Signage

Room and Office Numbers: Essential in large facilities, these numbers make finding specific locations a breeze.

Nameplates: These are often used in office settings to identify individual rooms or offices.

Regulatory Signage

Safety Signs: Found in places like construction sites, they provide essential safety information.

Traffic Signs: These signs regulate the flow of traffic on roads, preventing chaos and accidents.

The Art of Wayfinding Signage

The effectiveness of wayfinding signage relies heavily on design.

The Importance of Design

Visual Consistency: To avoid confusion, all signage should adhere to a consistent design language.

Legibility and Visibility: Signage should be clear and visible, even from a distance.

Custom Signage Solutions

Arttec Signs excels in providing custom signage solutions that align with your brand’s identity. Their expertise ensures your wayfinding signage is a seamless part of your overall branding strategy.

Specialty Wayfinding Sign

What Wayfinding Signage Should Include

Regardless of the type, there are some universal elements that good wayfinding signage should include.

Clarity and Conciseness: Information should be presented clearly and concisely, reducing the chances of misinterpretation.

Consistency in Design: Maintaining a consistent design style across all signs ensures a cohesive and efficient wayfinding system.

Accessibility and Inclusivity: Wayfinding signage should be designed with consideration for all users, including those with disabilities.

The Role of Technology in Wayfinding Signage

In our digital age, technology is making its mark on wayfinding signage.

Digital Wayfinding: Digital screens and interactive kiosks are becoming more common, providing real-time information and navigation assistance.

Interactive Signage: Touchscreen kiosks and smartphone apps offer an interactive wayfinding experience.

Future Innovations: With the continuous advancement of technology, we can expect even more innovative solutions in the future.

The Impact of Wayfinding Signage on User Experience

The quality of wayfinding signage can significantly impact user experience.

Navigating Complex Environments: In large and intricate spaces, clear wayfinding signage can make a world of difference in how people perceive and experience those environments.

Enhancing Safety: In places where safety is paramount, such as hospitals, the presence of proper wayfinding signage can save lives by directing people to the right place quickly.

Improving Efficiency: Efficiency is key in places like airports and shopping malls. Well-designed signage can help people reach their destinations more quickly, enhancing their overall experience.

Your Wayfinding Signage Solution

In the end, wayfinding signage is an integral part of our lives, guiding us through complex environments and ensuring our safety. Understanding the various types of signage and the importance of design can make a significant difference in user experience.

If you’re considering improving what you have, don’t hesitate to reach out to Arttec Signs for expert guidance and assistance in creating the perfect wayfinding signage and enhance the way people navigate your space and create a more positive experience for all. We would love to provide you with a free estimate for your project, making the process easier and more transparent.

We recently had the privilege of working on a remarkable project at Dr. Anne Anderson High School. Our team installed a magnificent mural/sign that not only adds vibrancy to the school but also showcases the incredible potential of modern printing and fabrication techniques. In this post, we break down the details of the project and highlight the innovative printing techniques we used.

Enhancing the Space

The focal point of our work was a captivating wall mural/sign measuring an impressive 36 feet wide and 11 feet tall. This mural/sign was digitally printed in full color on aluminum composite panels (ACP) and expertly installed directly onto the drywall. The use of ACP ensures durability and longevity, making the piece a lasting addition to the school’s environment.

Stunning School Logo

To emphasize the school’s identity, we incorporated a stylized representation of the letter “A,” which serves as the logo for Dr. Anne Anderson High School. This logo was digitally cut from white Celtec and carefully installed on the surface of the ACP. Anyone entering the room will be drawn in by the stark contrast of the white against the sign’s vibrant background.

Bringing Depth with 3D Letters

To further enhance the mural/sign, we integrated 3D letters along the top, adding a captivating visual element. These letters were digitally cut from clear acrylic and meticulously installed on the surface of the ACP. Because acrylic is translucent, light can interact with the letters to give them depth and substance. The outcome is a visually appealing composition that gives the installation an additional level of interest.

  • Background Wall Mural, 432″ x 136″, digitally printed in full colour on 3 mm ACP (aluminium composite panel), UV protective coat applied, produced in 9 @ 4′ x 10′ panels. Install directly to drywall

    Anne Anderson High School Mural / Sign
  • Stylized “A” representing school logo, 96″ x 96″, digitally cut from 1/2″ white Celtec. Installation to the surface of ACP

    3-D Letters along the top, 160″ x 24″, digitally cut from 3/8″ clear Acrylic


Building Strong Relationships

At PosterTech Group, we believe in fostering strong partnerships. We were honored to have the opportunity to collaborate with Dr. Anne Anderson High School once again, this time on their mural/sign project. As the ability to contribute to the learning environment of students is truly rewarding for our team. Projects like this at Dr. Anne Anderson High School enable us to connect with the younger generation and ignite their imagination. Creative signage projects encourage creativity, instill a sense of pride, and create a positive atmosphere for learning. We firmly believe that inspiring school environments positively impact student motivation and success.

If you have a school sign project in mind that can benefit from our expertise, please do not hesitate to reach out for a no-obligation quote. Our team is ready to bring your vision to life and create a unique signage solution that enhances your educational institution.

Ross Sheppard High School has always been a hub of creativity and innovation, nurturing young minds and providing them with a conducive learning environment. In our ongoing partnership, PosterTech had the privilege to work on an exciting project, enhancing the school’s atmosphere with captivating murals, a stunning media wall backdrop, and eye-catching 3D fabricated text. Through this collaboration, we aimed to inspire students, foster school spirit, and create an aesthetically pleasing space for all who enter.

Unleashing Creativity with Murals

Art has the power to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones, and that is exactly what we set out to achieve with our mural installations at Ross Sheppard High School. Working closely with the school administration, we brought to life breathtaking murals that showcase the school’s values, history, and diverse student body. From vibrant abstract designs to inspiring imagery, each mural tells a unique story, fostering a sense of pride and identity within the school community.

  • Right Wall Mural, 153″ x 112″, digitally printed in full colour on 3 mm Aluminum Composite Panels, UV clear protective coat applied

    High School Mural
  • Left Wall Mural, 173.25″ x 112″, digitally printed full colour on 3 mm Aluminum Composite Panels, UV clear protective coat applied


Capturing Memories with the Media Wall Backdrop

To further elevate the student experience, we created a media wall backdrop, perfect for capturing memorable moments during school events and celebrations. This interactive installation serves as a photo booth-style backdrop, offering a visually appealing setting for students to capture timeless snapshots of their high school journey. The media wall not only adds a touch of fun but also reinforces the school’s commitment to providing a well-rounded experience for its students.

Mural Medial Wall Backdrop

Media Wall, 71″ x 80.75″, digitally printed full colour on 3 mm Aluminum Composite Panels, UV clear protective coat applied

Making a Statement with 3D Text

At PosterTech we believe that words have the power to inspire, motivate, and transform spaces. To amplify the impact of the murals and media wall, we incorporated 3D printed text onto the walls of Ross Sheppard High School. The visual appeal is wonderful!


mural 3d text high school signage

3-D text, digitally cut from 1/2″ white Celtec and attached to the surface of Murals

Being invited back to work with Ross Sheppard High School was an immense honor for PosterTech. It is a testament to the successful collaboration and exceptional results we achieved during previous projects. We are grateful for the trust and confidence placed in our team once again. The opportunity to contribute to the school’s ongoing efforts to create an inspiring environment for students is a privilege we appreciate.

PosterTech takes pride in the opportunity to collaborate with such a prestigious institution, and we look forward to witnessing the positive impact of our work on the students’ educational journey for years to come.

Signs in school are important to communicating proper messages, branding and school building spirit. However, there may come a time when it becomes necessary to consider replacing this signage. There are a variety of reasons why this may be the case including damage or wear and tear, regulatory changes, and a lack of effectiveness. Whatever the reason, it is important to carefully evaluate the need for new signage before making a decision. Here are five key reasons why you might need to replace your old school signage.

1. The old signage is outdated:

If the old signage no longer reflects the brand image or message that you want to convey, it may be time to update it. This is especially important if the old signage is no longer in line with your current business goals or marketing strategy.


Thelma Chalifoux School 3d lettering signage
2. Improved Visibility and Safety:

Old school signage can become faded or difficult to read over time, leading to decreased visibility for potential customers. Upgrading to new signage can increase the clarity and readability, making it easier for people to find understand your message. This is not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for safety reasons. Damaged signage can be difficult to read or interpret, which can lead to confusion or accidents.


3. It doesn’t work like it used to

If the old signage is not attracting the desired attention or is not effectively communicating your message, it may be time to consider replacing it. This is especially important if you have noticed a decline in business or foot traffic that may be attributed to the ineffectiveness of your signage.

Thelma Chalifoux School wall Signs

4. School Pride

Newer signage options often offer more customization options, allowing you to tailor your vision and messaging to fit the specific needs needs of your school’s admin, clubs or teams. Outdated signage can make your school look outdated as well. Upgrading to new signage can help to modernize your school and give staff students and parents a more positive impression.

Thelma Chalifoux School 3d wall Sign

5. Cost-Efficiency

While replacing old signage may seem like a large upfront cost, it can actually be cost-effective in the long run. Older signage may require more maintenance and repairs, while new signage is likely to last longer and require less maintenance. Technology has come a long way in the past years. There are now more advanced and cost-efficient sign options available, such as LED and digital signage, which can be more better for your school’s budget in the long run..

Ultimately, the decision to replace old school signage should be based on a combination of factors, including the technology available, the current state and effectiveness of the signage, and any local regulations or compliance issues.

Vibrant new feature wall mural at the entrance to IMAX theatre, digitally printed and installed yesterday by our crew @Postertech

Experience a world of difference. Alberta’s largest IMAX® screen provides sharper images and powerful immersive sound to allow for an amazing film going experience. Immerse yourself in a world brimming with life & come face-to-face with magnificent marine creatures in Secrets of the Sea, opening January 12 in @IMAX

Have you experienced the new Arctic Journey exhibit at Telus World of Science yet? The new 8,000 sq. feet permanent exhibition the Arctic Pavillion is simply spectacular. As described by Telus World of Science, the Arctic is a known land where many First Nations have traveled the land (and sea) over established paths passed down through generations.

Arttec Signs was very happy to partner with Kubik, a global experiential brand marketing company, to help them bring their exhibit design to life through a variety of immersive visual and sound experiences.

Arttec Signs produced and installed many different types of custom signage, such as Wall Murals, as well as Dimensional Signage to allow participants to do more than just learn about the Arctic, they get to experience it. Take some time to browse the images below to get a taste of what you will see before you head on down.

  • Pingo Wrapping
  • Pingo Murals
  • TWOSE Wall Mosaic, 35 pieces cut to various shapes and pin mounted to the wall
  • Hunter Figure, CNC Cut to Shape from 6 mm Black Dibond
  • Wall Murals, digitally printed, c/w super matte laminate, approx. 4000 sq. ft.
  • Arctic Highways Wall Decals, Murals, and vinyl cut decals

Take some time to browse the images below to get a taste of what you will see before you head on down.

This simple white vehicle from @SableRealty in Edmonton had a full Branding wrap in our vehicle bay @PosterTech. With company brand proudly on display in vivid colour, it is guaranteed to attract attention on the road. We love return customers and look forward to more vehicles from @SableRealty


Making learning fun with each step!

Multiplication table + Custom vinyl = A fun learning opportunity.

Custom Vinyl Signage for @Youngstown Elementary School in Edmonton, was just completed by our install team.

@PosterTech produced and installed 38 vibrant numerical decals on 3 staircases, to help students learn multiplication tables.


Thelma Chalifoux School 3d wall Sign

A new addition to the EPSB roster

Thelma Chalifoux School is one of the latest additions to the Edmonton Public Schools roster and we are so excited to have participated by providing some great school signs. Located at 2845 43a Avenue, the south-east end of Edmonton, in the Larkspur neighbourhood of Edmonton, the junior high will have a capacity of up to 900 students in grades 7 to 9. Being a brand new school, the administration took the opportunity to use signage to bring some energy to the environment as well as use signage as a tool to inspire and motivate students, staff and their families.

Thelma Chalifoux; a community role model

Thelma Chalifoux was best known as a supportive teacher, Metis activist (primarily for her work in the protection of Métis culture) and being a Canadian Senator, hence the inspiration for the school’s team name. She was a firm believer in both supporting her community and assisting the most vulnerable. Thelma Chalifoux School strives to establish a learning environment that reflects her commitment to the communities she served.

Visually sharing school values

Thelma Chalifoux School puts a large emphasis on the values of accountability, collaboration, equity, and integrity. These are some values that we have in common when it comes to PosterTech’s projects. The production of Thelma’s Chalifoux’s school signs was no exception. From the beautiful Logo and School name signage in the administration office, the wonderfully colourful Senators’, Their School team, signage that lines the school and gymnasium walls, all the way to the special signage and trophy display cases.

Take a peek below at some of the school signage that is proudly displayed.

Thelma Chalifoux School banners Thelma Chalifoux School wall Signs

Decals and murals work great for displaying team logos,’s school models, or a special message that you want delivered to students, staff and visitors to the school.

Thelma Chalifoux School Wll Decals Thelma Chalifoux School 3d lettering signage

Displayed proudly in the halls of the school is “Otipemisiwak”. is a Plains Cree word that has been used to describe the Métis people, meaning “those that rule themselves.

Thelma Chalifoux School Specialty Signage

Custom display cases are a beautiful way to give recognition to students, teams and staff on their hard work and accomplishments throughout the years. These ones were created with a combination of thick 2 inch maple frame and plexiglass fronts with stainless steel standoff hardware.

School signs are a favourite project of the PosterTech team to collaborate on. Think back to your time at school. Were you inspired by something in your surroundings?

Team @Postertech is delighted to partner up with Edmonton Catholic Schools and  supply  these animal table decals for @EdmontonValleyZoo.

The art work was done by @100 VOICES100 Voices is a pre-Kindergarten program offered by Edmonton Catholic Schools for three and four year old’s identified with severe developmental delays. These little ones did a wonderful job with the art! The decals can be seen at Piazza and the Urban Barn!





The Fleet of @Provincial Refrigeration is growing. We just finished wrapping three brand new vans to add to their existing fleet of service vehicles.

Do you have a vehicle that needs branding? Bring it to and we will make it turn heads everywhere you go.

This truck @Provincial Refrigeration had a complete colour change wrap with additional decals applied and now looks like it just left the showroom.

Do you have a vehicle that has scratches and stains? Bring it to and we will make it look brand new.