Have you experienced the new Arctic Journey exhibit at Telus World of Science yet? The new 8,000 sq. feet permanent exhibition the Arctic Pavillion is simply spectacular. As described by Telus World of Science, the Arctic is a known land where many First Nations have traveled the land (and sea) over established paths passed down through generations.

Arttec Signs was very happy to partner with Kubik, a global experiential brand marketing company, to help them bring their exhibit design to life through a variety of immersive visual and sound experiences.

Arttec Signs produced and installed many different types of custom signage, such as Wall Murals, as well as Dimensional Signage to allow participants to do more than just learn about the Arctic, they get to experience it. Take some time to browse the images below to get a taste of what you will see before you head on down.

  • Pingo Wrapping
  • Pingo Murals
  • TWOSE Wall Mosaic, 35 pieces cut to various shapes and pin mounted to the wall
  • Hunter Figure, CNC Cut to Shape from 6 mm Black Dibond
  • Wall Murals, digitally printed, c/w super matte laminate, approx. 4000 sq. ft.
  • Arctic Highways Wall Decals, Murals, and vinyl cut decals

Take some time to browse the images below to get a taste of what you will see before you head on down.

Thelma Chalifoux School 3d wall Sign

A new addition to the EPSB roster

Thelma Chalifoux School is one of the latest additions to the Edmonton Public Schools roster and we are so excited to have participated by providing some great school signs. Located at 2845 43a Avenue, the south-east end of Edmonton, in the Larkspur neighbourhood of Edmonton, the junior high will have a capacity of up to 900 students in grades 7 to 9. Being a brand new school, the administration took the opportunity to use signage to bring some energy to the environment as well as use signage as a tool to inspire and motivate students, staff and their families.

Thelma Chalifoux; a community role model

Thelma Chalifoux was best known as a supportive teacher, Metis activist (primarily for her work in the protection of Métis culture) and being a Canadian Senator, hence the inspiration for the school’s team name. She was a firm believer in both supporting her community and assisting the most vulnerable. Thelma Chalifoux School strives to establish a learning environment that reflects her commitment to the communities she served.

Visually sharing school values

Thelma Chalifoux School puts a large emphasis on the values of accountability, collaboration, equity, and integrity. These are some values that we have in common when it comes to PosterTech’s projects. The production of Thelma’s Chalifoux’s school signs was no exception. From the beautiful Logo and School name signage in the administration office, the wonderfully colourful Senators’, Their School team, signage that lines the school and gymnasium walls, all the way to the special signage and trophy display cases.

Take a peek below at some of the school signage that is proudly displayed.

Thelma Chalifoux School banners Thelma Chalifoux School wall Signs

Decals and murals work great for displaying team logos,’s school models, or a special message that you want delivered to students, staff and visitors to the school.

Thelma Chalifoux School Wll Decals Thelma Chalifoux School 3d lettering signage

Displayed proudly in the halls of the school is “Otipemisiwak”. is a Plains Cree word that has been used to describe the Métis people, meaning “those that rule themselves.

Thelma Chalifoux School Specialty Signage

Custom display cases are a beautiful way to give recognition to students, teams and staff on their hard work and accomplishments throughout the years. These ones were created with a combination of thick 2 inch maple frame and plexiglass fronts with stainless steel standoff hardware.

School signs are a favourite project of the PosterTech team to collaborate on. Think back to your time at school. Were you inspired by something in your surroundings?

With multiple franchises opening across Canada every few months, this optometrist-meets-eyeglass retailer needed a package of signage materials customized for every location and also designed to maintain brand consistency.

To help launch their rebrand, North America’s fastest growing airport enlisted PosterTech to ensure their marketing efforts got off the ground right. The result is one of Edmonton’s most prominent murals that’s still standing today.

In order to increase their visual presence in the southern Alberta Blood Tribe Reserve, this growing police force determined that every element of their organization was to be standard-issue – including every vehicle.

When Toronto’s condo king set his sites on Alberta’s luxury high-rise condo market, he wasn’t just looking to build a few new homes for Edmontonians. Brad Lamb wanted to build a name in our province.

When you have a busy mobile work force travelling across the country the way EIFFAGE does, having an impressive branded fleet is imperative. It is your travelling billboard while creating credibility and job site security on wheels.

Presenting and promoting the Body Worlds exhibit was a tall order. It called for a new way of grabbing Edmontonians’ attention. And when the audience expects big things, you have to go even bigger.

To let Edmonton audiences know their downtown theatre house was poised to step into a new era of onstage performances featuring more international shows and (more spectacle), The Citadel enlisted Postertech to help raise their profile.