Bridging impressive branding with their busy workforce

When you have a busy mobile work force travelling across the country the way EIFFAGE does, having an impressive branded fleet is imperative. It is your travelling billboard while creating credibility and job site security on wheels.
Eiffage Canada specializes in new bridge construction, concrete structure rehabilitation, bridge jacking, steel member repair, complete structure replacement and more. Some of their projects have included hydroelectric facilities, pedestrian bridges and specialized formwork within infrastructure.

With an impressive resume of completed projects across Canada, for clients such as the Ministry of Transportation Ontario, Parks Canada, Alberta Transportation, just to name a few, it is important that when they arrive on site, they are quickly identifiable. Everyone notices their striking red black and white branded vehicles.


With a fleet as large as Eiffage’s, it is crucial to be able to readily produce and install their graphics to the vehicles as needed. Whether it is a brand new or existing vehicle or having to replace graphics on a damaged vehicle, PosterTech’s vehicle wrap technology is regularly applied as advertising to their commercial vehicles.
Our 3M certified installers are meticulous and trained to maintain consistency with the graphic placement and look, no matter the vehicle make, model or size.


Although we do many of Eiffage’s applications inside PosterTech 30,000 sq.ft. facility under perfectly controlled conditions, we also regularly travel to Eiffage’s facility located outside Edmonton to accommodate the limited time a vehicle is available for branding between calls. Vehicles are prepped for application very quickly and our installers apply the graphics efficiently so the downtime on their vehicles is as minimal as possible.


We understand that as with most businesses, fleet vehicles need to be on the road to help bring in revenue. We’ve established a system for our client by maintaining an inventory of their various graphic kits that have been produced, strictly adhering to their brand identity guidelines, to ensure a rapid response and turnaround time for our client. Eiffage can count on PosterTech to get their fleet branded ON time and IN time for their next road trip.

Lamb Developments

Building a name in Alberta

Developing interest with the right signage for Edmonton and Calgary’s newest high-rise condos

Alberta’s housing market rocketed into the stratosphere over the last decade and Lamb Development Corp. –led by Brad Lamb, the Condo King–saw its opportunity to bring a unique style of condominiums to Edmonton and Calgary. It was Lamb’s first step into a new region and he recognized that to gain a strong foothold in a competitive market he needed his business name to become well known before the units started to sell.

The challenge for PosterTech was: build and install hoarding (signage and coverings around the construction site) for the construction phase of two new towers in Edmonton and Calgary – almost simultaneously.

Start Selling Earlier

Hoarding that surrounds the base of a building construction site serves two purposes. It’s designed to mask the activities and equipment of the construction crews esthetically. It can also advertise a housing or office product that isn’t yet finished. The hoarding in effect becomes a long standing advertising medium. When handled right, the hoarding advertising is especially effective because it is on the very site where the product will be sold.

The Lamb Development signage measured approximately 120 feet long by 12 feet high. It needed to grab the attention of the passers-by and it needed to stand up to the sometimes harsh and unpredictable weather in Alberta. PosterTech brought in a structural engineer to assure the structural integrity and durability of future signage.

Faster Turnaround

We had to work on the signage installation while the construction crews were also hard at work with their own tasks—and that meant we need experienced hands that understand how to work seamlessly with a construction team.

In our line of work, unforeseen circumstances happen often–in this case it was due to the rigors of building construction. Our project management team and our installation crews on the ground had the flexibility and know-how to deliver on our original promise: a flawless finished product ready for the opening day.

Let The Building Begin

When Lamb Development Corp. made their first foray into Alberta, they needed to partner with a full service printing and signage supplier they could trust. That’s how we quickly became the Condo King’s go-to signage and banner provider for their Alberta-based projects: The Orchard Condos in Calgary and Jasper House in Edmonton.

Full-service hoarding provider & installer across Alberta

Our scope of work was later extended to include production and installation of interior signage for both Sales Centres in Calgary and Edmonton. These sales centres are custom-built and contain made-to-scale replicas of the interiors of the condo suites. They’re unlike most other sales centres in many respects – and the signage needed to work harmoniously with Lamb’s facilities. Despite demaqnding timelines and last minute changes-orders PosterTech completed both projects with flying colours by opening day.

Our next Lamb Development project is already underway as they have recently purchased more land in Edmonton.  We are already planning both exterior and interior signage to the exacting requirements of our client.

Lamb Developments Outdoor Signage

TELUS World of Science Edmonton

Exhibiting a larger-than-life brand

With Body Worlds in town, bigger-than-ever building wraps told the public one thing: “This is like nothing you’ve seen before.”

The TELUS World of Science Edmonton is an organization that has consistently delivered on the promise of inspiring people of all ages with programming and exhibits that break new ground and ignite curiosity.

For more than a decade, the PosterTech team has provided the TELUS World of Science (TWoS) with printed materials and signage – inside and outside their distinctive building. The signage enables TWoS to operate their standing exhibits and to introduce featured new programs.

The dilemma was this: How do you create interest in your audience, really get them to stop and pay attention, when they already expect the unexpected from you?

“What if we covered the whole building with a banner?”

Body Worlds & The Cycle of Life exhibit was making its Canadian debut in Edmonton. TELUS World of Science Edmonton was honoured to be chosen to display it and saw an opportunity to market the program in a unique way.

PosterTech was called in for a consultation. Out of that consultation came the insight to make signage for the exhibit larger than life. The building was going to have its own debut by utilizing building wraps.   Building wraps are made possible by PosterTech’s own unique range of Grand Format printing presses.

PosterTech is equipped with specialized printing equipment that enables us to deliver on a grand scale. Our 16-foot Grand Format printer can produce eye popping graphics that turned the TELUS World of Science Edmonton building into a virtual billboard for the Body Worlds show. With the daily traffic that passes by on 111th Ave and 142nd Street the building wraps would do their part to attract visitors to the exhibit.

Wrapping the building safely

One of the major client concerns in the implementation of grand-scale banners on the façade of a building is ensuring no damage is done to the building envelope itself. The PosterTech team designed a fastening system that could be reused safely with future new banners—and without compromising the integrity of the building.

This PosterTech foresight turned out to be a great asset as The TELUS World of Science Edmonton team decided new building wraps were to become a key element of their communication strategy.

Building wraps designed for easy installation

Big Stories need a Big Message Board

Body Works was a very big deal in Edmonton and thanks to the team at TELUS World of Science Edmonton many exhibit goers got the chance for a very unique experience. TWoS got the chance to reach a broader audience with this exhibit and PosterTech was honoured to be part of the highly effective communication to a very large audience.

The stunning visuals produced by PosterTech’s printing presses turned a building into a billboard and an exhibit into a once in a lifetime experience.

FYI Doctors

Marketing from coast-to-coast

How PosterTech helped create brand continuity for a franchise where every store is a little different

FYI Doctors is an eyeglass store and optometrists office rolled into one retail experience. The founding group of eye doctors came together with the intention of launching a business that offered the expertise of trusted optometrists and the allure of major high-end eyewear brands. You know you’re getting the glasses you need, and you feel like you’re getting the glasses you really want. No compromises.

PosterTech was asked to provide all indoor and outdoor signage for the budding franchise – for every store across Canada – even those in a city where we don’t have an office or warehouse.

Continuity: Creating a valuable brand

The mixed office and retail space that each FYI Doctors franchise requires to operate presents a unique challenge to the PosterTech team: How can you maintain a consistent brand experience when the layout of each store can vary so much?

Creating the same look & feel across Canada

It came down to a single strategy applied to each location. Every franchise receives several pieces of signage that are considered ‘standard’, followed by an on-site consultation with the PosterTech team to determine what additional pieces of signage are required.

PosterTech delivers (everywhere)

To ensure we’re able to meet the ever-expanding demands of the FYI Doctors franchise – helping them set up shop in new communities across Canada whenever they need – we enlist the help of local contractors to complete some of the final construction and installation.

However, as the successful completion of each project is the responsibility of PosterTech, we know that when hiring a contractor it’s up to us to ensure the project is done to the standards our clients have come to expect. Even when it’s not our team on the ground, it has to look like a PostertTech finished project.

Guaranteed PosterTech quality for every piece installed

New stores to come

Creating a system for efficiently setting up each new franchise location so that it’s not only done in time for the launch of the store, but also that each new location looks as good as the last is an evolving challenge presented to our team. But what it’s left us with is an effective strategy for meeting every required element of a project for clients all across the country no matter what the details. And that puts FYI Doctors and PosterTech in a good position to continue excelling, as new franchise locations are constantly in demand.

Blood Tribe Police Service

Vehicle graphics. Now part of the uniform.

How PosterTech helped make every detail of this police force standard-issue

Visibility is a large part of police work. Visibility contributes to the prevention of crime and demonstrates that the police service is part of the community. The Blood Tribe Police Service –a rural community police force located in southern Alberta, needed help enhancing visibility and consistency for ten new police service vehicles. They’re an organization that’s had a significant impact in the development of what is now considered a strong and healthy region and have done a great job building ties with the people and neighbourhoods they are entrusted to protect.


PosterTech’s vehicle wrap technology is regularly applied as advertising to commercial vehicles. The same technology can also do its part to increase safety. In the case of the Blood Tribe’s police vehicles, our reflective vehicle materials ensure high visibility day and night.



Police vehicles in rural Alberta can be subjected to the harshest conditions and the Blood Tribe expected their decals to work as hard as the vehicles do. PosterTech was called because of its superior digital technology and installation expertise.


The application work was done in Postertech’s 26,000 sq. ft facility under perfectly controlled conditions. Police work is done around the clock and so too is our production and application work. To accommodate the Blood Tribe Police Force’s rigorous hours, PosterTech rotated the vehicles to Edmonton on weekends and completed our work in time for duty calls on Monday morning. We made it easy for the Blood Tribe Police Force.



With PosterTech’s digital technology and application processes the vehicles were now more than ever part of the Blood Tribe Police Force. So much of police work depends on commanding a presence and PosterTech was proud to contribute its knowhow to help this rural community be safer.

Blood Tribe Police Vehicle Decals

The Citadel Theater

A bigger spectacle, a bigger audience

How posters six-times the normal size set the new standard in theatre advertising

The Citadel Theatre brought two high-profile productions to the city of Edmonton. Audiences around the world have praised both plays, each hosted by some of the most prominent theatre houses in North America. It was an important step up for the city’s theatre scene.

The Citadel needed to let Edmonton audiences know that something grand was going on at their downtown theatre house. With both the Wizard of Oz and the Forbidden Phoenix making their debut, a new marketing strategy for The Citadel needed to follow suit. PosterTech was asked to step up and be part of a bolder and more intrusive way of promoting the Citadel.

Rising to the Occasion

Previously, the Citadel used posters for their theatre productions and they were 4’ x 8’. On observation, the Citadel’s windows are large and prominent and they face Churchill Square – Edmonton’s central downtown outdoor meeting space. There’s significant walk by traffic and large crowds attending live music events, New Years Eve celebrations, Christmas Tree Light-up, summer festivals and more. The Citadel’s window space could be better utilized to act as promotional venues.

PosterTech’s large-format digital presses are uniquely suited to produce vibrant and colourful images that are sure to attract the eyes of potential theatre goers. 12’ x 24’ decals were produced—an enormous increase six times larger than the previous 4’ x 8’ posters. The impact on downtown Edmonton was instantaneous.

Smooth project management

Installing large-scale signage in downtown Edmonton presents great opportunities and obstacles at the same time. PosterTech’s team planned and cooperated with the City of Edmonton regulations to acquire installation permits, cordon off part of the sidewalks, position ‘cherry pickers’ and treat passersby with courtesy and safety.

While the window graphics are intended to be intrusive our installation crews were not and PosterTech clients have come to expect a level of precision and professionalism.

Standing Ovation

Citadel’s performances were packed for the run of the shows. We too humbly accepted our share of the accolades as our superior digital technology, insightful recommendations and professional installation garnered rave reviews.

Edmonton International Airport

Window Graphics – part of the message

Soaring High

Edmonton International Airport undertook a massive expansion and ambitious marketing strategy over the past few years. EIA wanted to position itself to better serve the growing travel demands of the Edmonton region and northern Alberta.   Today the EIA is the fastest growing airport in North America.

A large part of EIA’s marketing strategy was to initiate a rebrand. The new Central Hall of EIA was built to be reflective of strong and proud region and to inspire those that use the airport as a gateway.   The windows of EIA became part of the grand vision. PosterTech was called in and created massive 100’ window graphics that reflected in one direction and see-through in the other direction. Combined with dramatic aviation visuals the window graphic has helped the Central Hall become one of Edmonton’s landmark spaces.

A Branded Building

As you approach the airport by car it’s nearly impossible to miss the graphic image that spans the windows of the Central Hall. But when standing inside that expansive atrium looking up and out, the natural sunlight and your view is unobstructed.

A full-colour 90’ by 40’
One way film

Using one-way film, thousands of tiny holes puncture the vinyl applied to the windows allowing it to look simultaneously solid from the outside but nearly transparent from the inside.

The Installation

PosterTech’s project management team ensured that a three-week installation would fly by smoothly. Crews needed a staging area to work around the clock —but the business of the airport also works around the clock. The staging area needed to ensure workers worked safely and passengers passed by safely.

Takeoff & Landing

The launch of the entire rebranding initiative – including the unveiling of the enormous new window mural – was scheduled to coincide with the completion of the airport expansion. The Central Hall connected the older, existing hall of the airport with the new wing. PosterTech was further tasked with creating the interior signage and hanging banners to ensure the look and feel of the new brand standards were consistent inside and outside of the building.

The EIA brand is now more highly valued than ever thanks to a successful advertising campaign, an enormous building expansion, and a window mural and huge Central Hall banners that continue to draw attention from airport visitors.